Francisco Costa Says Goodbye to Calvin Klein

Just yesterday, Calvin Klein announced that both Francisco Costa and Italo Zucchelli, Womenswear Creative Director and Menswear Creative Director respectively, were leaving the brand. I did not expect this at all, I am a huge follower of the brand and really admire Costa’s work. He is one of my favourite fashion designers and he has done an amazing job at Clavin Klein for 13 years and has really helped shape the brand and bringing it to success.

The brand is a worldwide reference for many people, not only for young aspiring fashion designers but also to regular teens. This is because of their celebrity endorsement, something the brand has been doing for a very long time. Some of the best models have represented the brand such as Kate Moss, a very iconic moment in fashion in my opinion.

Costa’s designs are very sleek and modern, he did not incorporate a lot of colour in his collections, he mainly used black, navy and white. But when he did incorporate colour or patterns they were really outstanding and meaningful. For his latest collection, he incorporated some stones from his hometown, Brazil. I am specially into his more minimalistic designs, which is what I like the most about Calvin Klein Collection but some of the garments with patterns and colours are really dope.

In honour of Costa’s departure from Calvin Klein, I have put together some of my favourite looks from a few of his latest collections for the brand. Check them out!


F/W 2016


S/S 2016


F/W 2015


S/S 2015


F/W 2014


Pre-Fall 2014

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