Shoes of the Season

Shoes are such an important factor for an outfit, they have the power to create a completely different look. Coco Chanel once said “A woman with good shoes is never ugly” which is just so true. Shoes say a lot about a person and I personally think that the right shoe can put you in a much better mood!

Scroll down to see some of the top shoes for this Spring/Summer 2016 and check out my favourites!



I am absolutely in love with everything Céline does and the shoes are incredible. Phoebe Philo always manages to come up with new designs which are very minimalistic and that come in simple colours, but at the same time are super contemporary, modern and cool. For S/S 2016 she created this models that comes both in a mule design and in an ankle boot. They are a kind of wooden wedge with upper leather. Normally this would be a very basic shoe but she added some golden pins surrounding the entire shoe which gives them a very sophisticated touch. This model is definitely a must!


Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney always does the coolest shoes, but this season I am not a huge fan of her designs. These japanese inspired sandals are just not giving me the right vibe. I think they quite match the Stella McCartney look, as she always does platform shoes, but I am just not feeling them. The upper part is nice but it is the bottom part that doesn’t feel right. If the sole were an entire piece, a whole platform, they would look much nicer, to me at least, but I guess that was the point, to make a different shoe that differs a little from the classic Stella McCartney shoe which regularly have a huge platform.



I can’t get enough of Balmain, I just adore the brand. The clothes are so opulent and extravagant and I like that the shoes are a little bit more simple and easy to wear but still they are pretty cool and modern. I love these gladiator sandals that Olivier Rousting reinterpreted for this season, I love the colours, the materials and just everything about them. Gladiator sandals are on of my favourites, they are a great option for the warm season, but the heeled version? Even better! Now you have your day version, fat gladiators, and heeled for a night out!



Alessandro Michele’s Gucci has really become one to be talked about. Personally, I don’t love the designs in general, of course there are some things that are nice, but I would not be seen wearing these clothes, it is just not my style. But instead, the shoes, I like better than the clothes. For the S/S 2016 collection Michele showed these two models, amongst other of course, but these are the ones that stood out the most. The platform heels are cool but there isn’t anything new about them, I have seen this design many times in the past. The other one on the other hand, I would say is more special. While I wouldn’t declare myself a fan of the shoe, I have to say they stand out and they are pretty distinctive.



After a while when heels did not have platforms, it looks like they are coming back! These heels, very Versace, are quite simple considering their brand but they stand out because of the platform and the block heel. Block heels are really cool in my opinion, plus they are way more comfortable than stiletto heels. The socks were a really cool touch and also unexpected, considering that the whole collection was practically based on mini dresses. They are easy to wear as colours are pretty basic and laid back, but the design gives them a smart twist.



I die for these shoes. They are so over-the-top and so different that I just love them. I could not chose between wearing just flats or heels, but wearing heels is just such a cool feeling and especially if they have a cool design and are not just the classic black pump (which I also love though). These heels are so insane, the attention to detail is incredible and that just makes them way more special. I love shoes that make a statement, that are unique and iconic and these definitely meet this three factors. I would totally wear these heels, even during the day!


Miu Miu

Everybody seems to LOVE these Miu Miu ballerina, but really I think they are too much. This rock edge that they have added just doesn’t work for me. I don’t think it is a flattering shoe. On the other hand, the heeled version is better, I can totally work with it. The fact that they have a tie to wrap around your ankle is something that makes you look shorter which is one of the main reasons I don’t like the ballerina, instead, heels with a wrap-around tie are much more flattering. There is one thing though, that I like about these shoes which is the fact that I have never seen anything like them and I really enjoy seeing new designs from creative people.



The first time I saw these shoes I though “They look like the classic heel that would have been worn by someone like Paris Hilton during the 2000’s”. I didn’t really like them in the beginning, but after having seen them on the streets I kind of came around I now I really like them. I don’t know what it is but Raf Simons always manages to do it right. The only thing that saved the shoes for me in the beginning was the clothes. They were very light and delicate, so the whole outfit looked very well put. With these kind of shoes it is very important to put together an quite minimal as the shoes are already quite exaggerated, this way you can balance out your look!



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