White for winter

We are used to having a colour division for the different seasons of the year right? The classics black, brown, grey, beige… for winter and fall and white, blue, red, yellow… for summer and spring. Well this is not a thing anymore. During the Fall/Winter 2016 shows I saw a whole lot of white on they runway and I thought, “ Why do we have to have “rules” in terms of colours? Why is it that subconsciously we know that there are certain colours for certain seasons?” I think it is perfectly fine to wear “summer colours” during winter and vice versa and I am extremely happy to see that designers are encouraging this, not only in terms of colours but also shapes, materials, prints…

I personally think that fashion has no rules and people shouldn’t be afraid of going out of the usual and trying new things. It is really cool that seasons are kind of disappearing in fashion, of course there are things that we need during the winter and things that we can lose for summer (many), but the fact that one can choose what kind of clothes to wear makes it much more interesting to me. This is because people will not all be wearing all black outfits for winter, there will be some people who will opt for these summer vibes so we won’t be all dressed the same!

I feel like designers have been trying white for winter for a long time now and some people are embracing this trend, but for me this season has been the break-through season for white. Countless number of designers included entire white outfits in their collections and some created an almost all-white show. Some of my favourites were Jil Sander, Céline, Dion Lee, Ports 1961, Jonathan Simkhai and Sally LaPointe.



Jil Sander


Jonathan Simkhai


Isabel Marant




Ports 1961


Dion Lee




J.W. Anderson






Jil Sander


Jil Sander


Sally LaPointe

Images via: Vogue.com



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